A.D. Environmental has completed a wide variety of projects for clients for over 30 years. 
Former Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Plant, City of LaPorte, Indiana


As a regulator for the Indiana Department of Environmental Management, he wrote a site status letter to the City of LaPorte for land redevelopment purposes. 


The process involved representing the Indiana Department of Environmental Management at meetings with the City of LaPorte officials and parties interested in the redevelopment of the site. 


Brownfield grants and loans were eventually secured for redevelopment of the property.






Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Millington, TN, Environmental Multiple Award Contract (EMAC) and Seed Project

As a consultant, Mr. Dattilo secured the seed project for the EMAC contract which included the remediation of trichloroethylene (TCE) impacted groundwater using chemical oxidation, and excavation and disposal of TCE impacted soil underlying a portion of the concrete foundation at SWMU 39. 


The project area was eligible for redevelopment after the remediation was complete.



Multiple Phase II ESAs have been conducted in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky. 



Former Pennsylvania Railroad Depot, City of Richmond, Indiana


Mr. Dattilo sampled building materials for asbestos and lead based paint and submitted a Brownfield Assessment report to the City of Richmond; advised the City of Richmond officials regarding additional environmental assessment needs; assisted the City in securing proper funding; corresponded with the local newspaper media. 


City officials secured a buyer for the property after this investigation and the Depot was redeveloped.   



Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, Crane, IN; Remediation and Restoration


This project involved the removal of hazardous soils and materials from the SWMU 5-Old Burn Pit, a former solid waste landfill. 


The project included the excavation of PCB impacted soil, solid waste debris, and characteristically hazardous and non-hazardous paint waste. 


The site was located in a stream valley and therefore, to maintain the integrity of the slopes and sediment run-off, the site was restored using fiber matting and coconut logs.  


Speedway SuperAmerica (formerly GasAmerica Services), IN and OH


Mr. Dattilo managed the closure of over 35 sites including those with remediation systems. 


Former Bowser Pump Plant, City of Fort Wayne, Indiana


Mr. Dattilo conducted surface soil sampling and a focused geophysical survey in conjunction with the US. EPA; submitted a Brownfield Assessment report to the City of Fort Wayne; met with the City of Fort Wayne officials and their environmental consultant; reviewed technical documents submitted on behalf of the City of Fort Wayne. 


The site was redeveloped into residential homes.  

Trade School, City of Shelbyville, Indiana


As a regulator, he reviewed existing Phase I Environmental Site Assessment reports; conducted a site walkover, and prepared a Phase II work plan and budget for the Shelbyville School Corporation School Board. 


The School Board officials secured a Brownfield grant and performed the recommended Phase II investigation.  

Shelly Ditch, Crawfordsville, Indiana; Remediation of PCB and Lead Impacted Creek Sediments


As a regulator, Mr. Dattilo provided technical support to IDEM senior staff during negotiations with the responsible party; conducted soil and sediment sampling; organized and conducted three public meetings; prepared correspondence to US EPA and the responsible party.  As a consultant, he supervised delineation sampling of sediment for the preparation of a remedial plan; managed the RCRA, TSCA, and CWA requirements of the Consent Decree with the US EPA and submitted final reports.


Superfund Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study (RI/FS), Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Indianapolis, Indiana


Mr. Dattilo supervised the implementation of a CERCLA RI/FS including the collection of surface water and groundwater, soil, and sediment, installed groundwater monitoring wells, studied static water levels over time in a network of wells located within and outside the slurry wall encircling the landfill; and assisted in an ecological survey of the site. 


The site was subsequently removed from the NPL.  

US EPA, Region 7, 10th Street Site, Columbus, Nebraska


Mr. Dattilo managed the contract to inject chemical oxidant into chlorinated solvent impacted groundwater that served as the water supply. 


The period of performance was three years and the contract value was $350,000.  In addition to chemical oxidation, EPA implemented groundwater extraction and treatment remedial strategies. 


After EPA completed a Five-Year Review Report Addendum that was signed in August 2012, they concluded that “the site-wide remedies are now protective of human health and the environment.”  

CH2M HILL, Continental Steel Corporation, Kokomo, Indiana


Mr. Dattilo managed two projects: one at Operable Unit 4 (OU4), the Markland Avenue Quarry, and one at OU2, the Lagoon Area. 


The project at OU4 was a $2.1M construction project and OU2 was a $300,000 project demolishing the former wastewater treatment plant. 


The OU4 and OU2 projects were completed on-time and on-budget.

NPDES Permitting for Remediation Systems


Remediation systems may require discharge of cleaned up groundwater to an adjacent stream or creek.  Mr. Dattilo secured NPDES permits for sites in Indiana for various clients.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP)/Oil Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plans (SPCCP)


Facilities may require SWPPP or SPCCP depending on their SIC Code.  Mr. Dattilo prepared these documents for the following facilities:


  • Elco-Textron, Greensburg, IN 

  • Dana Corporation, Elkhart, IN

  • GasAmerica Terminal, OH



Mr. Dattilo identified and restored wetlands associated with the following projects:


  • Duke Realty, Park Fletcher, Indianapolis, IN

  • Department of the Army, Camp Atterbury, Edinburgh, IN (assessment and delineation)

  • Burr Oak Bend Property, Central Indiana Land Trust, Noblesville, IN

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Medora, IN, Lateral Expansion/Methane Gas Investigation


Mr. Dattilo conducted and managed a hydrogeological investigation of a proposed lateral landfill expansion that included planning meetings with the client and IDEM, subsurface drilling, sampling, and piezometer/monitoring well construction, oversight of staff conducting field work, slug testing, and the submittal of a permit application to IDEM that included slug test results, development of geologic cross-sections, a quality assurance and quality control plan (QAPP), and a sampling and analysis plan (SAP). 


Due to face-to-face meetings with IDEM, the number of borings required in bedrock was reduced by 75%. The landfill was subsequently constructed with a reduced cost.


Mr. Dattilo conducted a methane gas investigation via field oversight of the installation of three gas vents using an air rotary drilling method.  The methane gas was successfully intercepted by the vents and the concentrations of contaminants in a downgradient groundwater monitoring well became non-detect over time. 


Specialty Metals Manufacturer, Kokomo, Indiana, RCRA Facility Investigation


Mr. Dattilo identified, evaluated, and sampled Solid Waste Management Units (SWMUs) at this facility.  One of the SWMUs was a hazardous waste landfill that required the construction of groundwater monitoring wells, surveying, monitoring, and capping. 


Tasks associated with the SWMU evaluation included the sampling of surface water, groundwater, soil, sediment, and construction debris, removal of an UST; installation of ground water monitoring wells, and laboratory data validation. 



Specialty Metals Manufacturer, Kokomo, Indiana, RCRA Facility Investigation


In addition to the tasks described above, Mr. Dattilo conducted quarterly surveying during construction of an on-site hazardous waste landfill cell to dispose chromium VI impacted soils.

Shelly Ditch, Crawfordsville, Indiana; Remediation of PCB and Lead Impacted Creek Sediments


This CERCLA site included the sampling, delineation, and removal of characteristically hazardous lead impacted sediments in Shelly Ditch.

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division, Crane, IN; Remediation and Restoration


See RCRA-Solid Waste Section.


Mr. Dattilo conducted Phase I ESAs in multiple states on a variety of types of property.  
Kocolene, IN


Mr. Dattilo managed the closure of over 10 sites including four with remediation systems.

Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC, Finlay, OH, Indianapolis, IN


Mr. Dattilo secured a contract, and managed the closure process for nine LUST sites in Indiana.  During that time, he secured a No Further Action (NFA) letter for 3 of 9 sites.  Continual submittals to Marathon of estimated cost to closure for each site was required.

ABF Freight System, Inc., Indianapolis Terminal, Indianapolis, IN


Mr. Dattilo managed the land farming remedial effort of petroleum impacted soil, conducted monitoring well installation, quarterly sampled monitoring wells in the network, submitted quarterly Corrective Action Plan reports, and corresponded with IDEM. 


The site received an NFA letter in 2006.  

Simon Properties, Inc., Former Block’s Building, Indianapolis, Indiana; Bulk Survey


The former Block's building in downtown Indianapolis was redeveloped into an anchor store for the Circle Center Mall. Mr. Dattilo conducted an asbestos bulk survey of this multi-story building.  The survey led to the removal of asbestos.  


CH2M HILL, Continental Steel Corporation, Kokomo, Indiana; Asbestos Abatement


This Superfund or CERCLA site included a wastewater treatment plant that required demolition.  Mr. Dattilo managed the abatement and air monitoring of asbestos from the outside of two clarifier tanks, removal of a PCB containing transformer, and disposal of hazardous materials as part of the demolition process.



City of Speedway, Speedway, Indiana; Wellhead Protection Plan


A wellhead protection plan was developed for the City of Speedway, IN to satisfy the Safe Drinking Water Act. Our team of scientists utilized a computer model to develop contaminant transfer time of travel plumes for use in protecting the sphere of groundwater influence. 

SARA TITLE III (SECTIONS 311 & 312, 40 CFR 370)

AMP, Inc., PA and FL; Compliance Audit


Mr. Dattilo led 3-person team responsible for inventorying hazardous materials and Material Safety Data Sheets at 25 manufacturing plants in PA and FL to satisfy SARA Title III.  

Republic Waste Services, Inc., Recycling Center, Indianapolis, IN; Subsurface Investigation and Characterization


This site was being sold based on the completion of the requirements within Indiana's voluntary remediation program (VRP).  The site was located in a wellhead protection area and soil and groundwater were impacted with PCBs and heavy metals.  A Covenant Not to Sue was secured for this site via the VRP.



Law Firm based in Indianapolis, Rushville, IN Site


Expert witness experience was gained as a result of the adjacent land owner claiming the site owner, whom Mr. Dattilo represented, was the source of impacted soil and groundwater.  We were successful in proving that the site owner did not impact the adjacent site and won the case.

Expert Witness, Fort Wayne, IN 

Mr. Dattilo provided testimony in court on behalf of the leasee of the property in Fort Wayne. The land owner was seeking reimbursement for remedial costs from past tenants, including the leasee we represented, but we won the case.

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill, Jay County, IN, Lateral Expansion Permit Application


Compliance with solid waste rules required the the subsurface soils and groundwater be characterized on a proposed 100-acre lateral expansion for the permit application. 


The expansion was approved by IDEM.


Various Municipal Solid Waste Disposal firms in IN and IL; Landfill Construction Inspection, Closure, and Post-Closure Quality Assurance and Oversight


Mr. Dattilo performed testing and inspection of clay and synthetic liner during landfill construction; conducted line and grade control surveying; and performed clay cap testing and inspection and surveying during closure activities.  


Various Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in IN


A variety of experience was attained via the management and implementation of semi-annual groundwater sampling events and reporting, and statistical evaluation of groundwater data.  

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